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PARAMA Credit Union is replacing all existing PARAMA MEMBER CARD debit cards with new CHIP-enabled MEMBER CARD debit cards. Already in wide use around the world, chip technology is designed to make an already safe payment system even more secure.

The New Chip-enabled MEMBER CARD debit card contains an embedded microchip which is encrypted and virtually impossible to replicate. This provides significant enhanced protection against counterfeiting and fraud. The chip on your card works together with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at chip-enabled terminals to ensure a highly secure transaction. However, the new cards will also continue to have magnetic strip functionality, which will allow you to continue to use to use the CHIP card in the United States and other areas or with merchants that have not yet migrated to chip technology.

To take full advantage of this new technology, just come into your PARAMA branch to exchange your current MEMBER CARD debit card to a new CHIP-enabled MEMBER CARD debit card. Please note that existing PARAMA MEMBER CARD debit cards without a CHIP were cancelled on January 1, 2013. Please get your no-cost replacement at your earliest convenience.

We also wish to advise our Members that effective September 30, 2011 all existing as well as new chip-enabled PARAMA MEMBER CARD debit cards will be partnered with the CIRRUS Network of ATM machines instead of the PLUS Network. This will primarily affect where to conduct cash withdrawals outside of North America. Rest assured that there will be no change to your card's acceptance within Canada for either Point of Sale Direct Debit purchases or ATM cash withdrawals.

If your ATM card has been lost or stolen please notify PARAMA at either location during business hours or call 1-888-992-9092 during off hours and your card will be blocked from any further use.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at either PARAMA location.

Your PARAMA Team

PARAMA is very pleased to introduce a service enhancement that makes it easier than ever for our Members to deal with us both in Canada and when travelling.

For quick access to current Canadian, US, and International ATM locations, please link to the handy ATM locators listed below.


IN CANADA: Surcharge-free ATM transactions. Make deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers and balance enquiries at over 2400 EXCHANGE® Network ATMs across Canada. The EXCHANGE® Network gives you access to ATMs at eight banks including HSBC, National Bank, and Citibank, along with a growing list (sixty and counting) of other Canadian credit unions. This is in addition to continuing access to INTERAC® ATMs (surcharge may apply) and Canada's Direct Debit or POS system. With EXCHANGE® you eliminate the surcharge (up to $1.50) to access ATMs at most other financial institutions. Think of the savings! And you'll no longer need to come to PARAMA just to make your deposits. Think of the convenience!

LEAVE ATM SURCHARGE FEES BEHIND: The term ding free® means credit union members can use any participating ATM without paying the surcharge fee typically charged when they use an ATM that isn't owned by their credit union. To make finding a ding free® ATM even more convenient, Canada's credit unions have launched a free locator app at that is available for iPhone®, AndroidT, Windows® and BlackBerry® devices. The new app helps credit union members locate the nearest surcharge-free ATM anywhere in Canada.

ENHANCED TRAVEL CONVENIENCE: Make direct debit purchases through more than 1.6 million US merchants affiliated with the ACCEL® POS Network and make surcharge-free ATM cash withdrawals at over 56,000 EXCHANGE® Network ATMs in the U.S. (except where prohibited by law). Your US$ purchase will be converted to Canadian dollars and debited to your PARAMA account,reducing the need to carry excess cash. Whether you prefer to shop at Bloomingdales or Wal-Mart, you'll be able to access your PARAMA account for payment. And when travelling outside of Canada, the PARAMA Member Card will provide access to your cash withdrawals at any CIRRUS Network ATM (surcharge may apply), making this truly an international banking card!

If you have not yet received your new PARAMA MEMBER CARD debit card, please visit your branch and get yours today. It's free. If you are still using an old yellow PARAMA Card, please note that the day is approaching when the old cards will no longer work for you.


There are over 200 locations throughout Ontario where you can make surcharge-free deposits and withdrawals with your new PARAMA MEMBER CARD debit card. A small sample has been provided below for your convenience. Click here for more locations and detailed search capabilities. (Please note that ATM locations may change without notice).

Mississauga (27 locations)    
  •  National Bank of Canada: 350 Burnhamthorpe Road West
  •  National Bank of Canada: 1201 Brittania Road West
  •  National Bank of Canada: 3100 Winston Churchill Blvd
  •  HSBC Bank Canada: 4550 Hurontario Street
  •  CS CO-OP (Alterna Savings): 5800 Hurontario Street
Brampton (15 locations)    
  •  HSBC Bank Canada: 312 Queen Street East  
Toronto (80 locations)    
  •  Etobicoke » HSBC Bank: 3014 Bloor Street West
  •  Downtown » Citibank Canada: 123 Front Steet West
  •  Downtown » HSBC Bank: 222 Spadina Avenue
  •  Downtown » The Police CU: 40 College Street
  •  Central » HSBC Bank: 1526 Bayview Avenue
  •  North York » HSBC Bank: 300 York Mills Road
  •  Scarborough » HSBC Bank: 1940 Eglington Avenue
Cottage Country    
  •  Wasaga Beach » Meridian Credit Union: 707 River Road West
  •  Collingwood » National Bank: 108 Hurontario Street
  •  Barrie » HSBC Bank: 509 Bayfield Street
  •  Orillia » National Bank: Orillia Square Mall
  •  Parry Sound » Kawartha Credit Union: 1 Church Street


  Canadian and U.S. ATM Locator: THE EXCHANGE®

  U.S. Merchants: ACCEL POS® Network

  International ATM Locator: CIRRUS System ATMs

Ding Free® ATM Locator app:

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